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VOLUME 31 Summer 2004 NUMBER 4






  • Are Women More Ethical Lawyers? An Empirical Study
  • Price-Fixing: Refining the Price Waterhouse Standard and Individual Disparate Treatment Law
  • The Market for Elite Law Firm Associates
    • Tom Ginsburg & Jeffrey A. Wolf
  • The Inherent Flaws in the Inherent Authority Position: Why Inviting Local Enformcement of Immigration Laws Violates the Constitution
    • Huyen Pham


  • Necessity Never Made a Good Bargain: When Consumer Arbitration Agreements Prohibit Class Relief
  • Between "Merit Inquiry" and "Rigorous Analysis": Using Daubert to Navigate the Gray Areas of Federal Class Action Certification
  • The Superiority of Partial Discharge for Student Loans Under 11 U.S.C. 523(A)(8): Ensuring a Meaningful Existence fo the Undue aHardship Exception



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