Environmental Issues in Business Transactions (2-3 credits)

This class explores how environmental law issues arise in and complicate common business and real estate transactions such as leases, loans for purchase of property, real estate development, sales of industrial facilities, securities filings, and the like. The course is designed to provide a background in environmental law topics relevant to this transactional setting, and to develop the student's skills in resolving legal issues in the transactional setting–i.e., not litigation--including identifying issues, negotiation, communication with clients, communication with other attorneys, and drafting transactional documents. We will use a semester-long hypothetical transaction that tracks the units of coverage and will serve as the vehicle for both in-class training (e.g., negotiation sessions) and the graded assignments. We will devote several classes purely to skills training "clinics" to cover such matters as negotiating, drafting client letters, and drafting simple contracts. Prerequisites: None.