Information Privacy Law (2 credits)

This course will examine U.S. data privacy law, including core concepts, key laws, regulations, FTC enforcement actions, and leading cases.  To the extent possible, it will also cover state data privacy laws.  Topics covered include the intersection of informa-tion privacy, technology and the law, social media, government records, consumer data and business records, government access to private sector records, and data security law.  International data privacy law may be brought in to class discussions.

The course will be offered via synchronous and asynchronous distance education using videoconferencing, online chat, pre-taped video lectures, Skype and discussion boards. Prerequisites: None.

Text and Course Materials

 Information Privacy Law (Daniel J. Solove & Paul M. Schwartz, 2013).  

 A library research guide available through the course Blackboard site will also contain links to many of the course materials.