Land Use Regulation (3 credits)

This course will address legal and regulatory issues that arise during the process of developing land in certain ways, such as for residential, retail, office or other land uses.  It will focus on Florida but will, for each topic covered, also address issues from other states.  Students will learn about the processes that landowners and developers follow to obtain local or state government approval for a project, such as applying for revisions to comprehensive plans, rezonings, development orders, special use permits, variances, subdivision approvals, and development agreements.  Students will also learn how state and local governments--again, with a focus on Florida--regulate land use and review land use and development applications.  The course will also address resource-based issues associated with land development, including historic, cultural, and natural resources. Finally, students will learn about private land use controls, such as covenants, conditions, and restrictions, used to further regulate projects and build and preserve property values.  Students in this course are strongly encouraged to take the one-credit “sister course” to this class, Practical Skills in Land Use, in which students will apply the concepts learned in Land Use Regulation to a  realistic hypothetical master-planned community in coastal Florida.  

 Prerequisites: None