Planned Communities (2 credits)

The purpose of this course is to expose students to the challenging, inter-related land use regulatory issues that arise in seeking and winning approval for a complex project in Florida. To illuminate these issues and relationships, the course will focus on various approvals required to develop a large master-planned community in coastal Florida. The topics include local comprehensive planning, the development-of-regional-impact (DRI) program, hurricane preparedness, natural resource protection, transportation, historic resources protection, listed species protection, affordable housing, public involvement, community governance, infrastructure financing and others. During the semester, we also will examine the ethical considerations and "best practices" for a lawyer engaged in such representation. One goal is for students to complete the course with a greater understanding of various land use and environmental regulatory programs and how they interact with one another in a project-specific situation. A second goal is to teach students how to prepare some of the documents that a land use practitioner must draft.