Practical Skills in Land Use (1 credit)

This course is offered in tandem with Land Use Regulation. In order to participate in this course, students must either: 1) take Professor Wiseman’s Spring 2015 Land Use Regulation Class, or 2) have previously taken Land Use and participate in a half-day “refresher course” on land use regulation taught by Professor Wiseman within the first two weeks of Spring 2015 classes. Students in this course will apply the doctrine they learn in Professor Wiseman’s course to a realistic, hypothetical master-planned community located in coastal Florida, in order to consider how multiple regulatory programs are applied to a single project. The hypothetical planned community was designed for use in this course by the adjunct who will teach it with assistance from one of the nation’s leading land planning firms and has single- and multi-family residential, commercial, institutional, recreational, open space, and ancillary uses on an environmentally sensitive site. The site has a number of attributes that require careful attention during the planning and approval process in order to comply with a range of regulatory requirements and minimize the risk of litigation. Students will learn how to analyze a broad range of issues that can arise during the approval process for a complex project in Florida and how to work with clients, regulators, and stakeholders in the community. Practical exercises will include writing a strategy memorandum to the developer who is seeking land use approval for the new community, review a transportation analysis prepared for this project, consider ethical issues for lawyers representing developers and regulators, and gain experience with other practical aspects of this specialized practice in Florida. The course will be pass-fail and is capped at 20 students.

 Pre/Co-requisites: Land Use Regulation