Transactional Drafting (2 credits)

This course provides law students with practical skills necessary to master the craft of drafting and analyzing transaction documents and managing transactions. The course is recommended for all law students, especially for those students who are interested in a transactional practice (be it corporate, finance, intellectual property, environmental, real estate, etc.). For those law students who are interested in litigation, this course will provide a basic understanding of contract analysis and drafting, which may assist in better understanding the work of transactional lawyers.

We will work on legal writing and drafting exercises that are meant to improve a law student’s writing, drafting, and editing skills.  In addition, we will negotiate transactions based on draft documents prepared by students.  The class should also provide law students with a realistic understanding and appreciation of a client’s demands and expectations. Students should expect to finish this class with the tools necessary to analyze a variety of transactions and with the ability to write documents in clear plain English.

Prerequisite: Corporations