Advanced Trial Practice (1-2 credits)

This course focuses on higher-level preparation and advocacy skills relating to the law, tactics, methods and ethics of civil litigation. The 1-2 credit course will be graded on an S/U basis. The course will build on the basic Trial Practice course and involves lecture, demonstration and heavy student participation in pre-trial strategies and preparation, jury selection, opening statements, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, in-trial dispositive motions and closing arguments. Advanced Trial Practice will provide students with a valuable opportunity to refine and develop skills in these and other important areas, including courtroom and pretrial use of technological aids; applied social psychology (e.g., in selecting jurors and dealing with opposing counsel); creation of effective case theories and persuasive trial strategies; identification and preparation of expert witnesses; preparation of fact witnesses; development of effective trial notebooks; and effective direct and cross-examination of expert witnesses. Prerequisites: Trial Practice and Evidence