Law and Economics Seminar (3 credits)

This seminar will focus on selected law and economics topics in contracts, torts, criminal law, litigation and the regulation of capital markets and financial institutions. We will pay special attention to the strategic interaction between parties, using game theory and behavioral law and economics as our two principal theoretical frameworks. You will learn how contracts, markets and legal rules can help (or hinder) the ability of parties to coordinate their behavior, avoid bargaining breakdowns, and anticipate and address potential conflicts. This in turn will equip you with a set of tools useful in identifying and managing risks, evaluating and drafting contracts and litigating disputes, including determining the value of potential lawsuits and the decision whether to settle or proceed to trial. No prior knowledge of economics is required. This course can be used to fulfill the upper-level writing requirement. NOTE: If you took the survey course, Law and Economics (LAW6555), you are still able to take this seminar.  Recommended Pre-requisite: Law & Economics