Medical-Legal Partnership (3 credits)

In this course, we will be examining the social determinants of health through representing impoverished and immigrant individuals in administrative and immigration proceedings.  Many of our clients are ill, disabled, abused, abandoned, neglected or otherwise victimized.  We will be helping these clients attain stable living situations, better access to health care, and/or lawful immigration status by taking a holistic approach to assessing and meeting our clients’ needs. 

Through participation in this course, you are now an important member of an exceptional team of law students, medical students and medical providers.  As a student-attorney participating in this course, you have a unique opportunity to not only gain lawyering skills and respond to health disparities in our community, but to trail blaze.  You will play an integral role in developing the Medical/Legal Partnership.  The foundation we will lay over the course of the semester will enable future students and pro bono attorneys to make a tangible difference in the lives of low-income people in North Florida. Pre-reqs: None.