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Courses in Environmental, Energy and Land Use Law

Our complement of full-time faculty regularly offers a rich set of core courses in environmental, energy, land use, and natural resources law. Our faculty, together with distinguished adjunct and visiting professors, also offer an extensive array of advanced courses in the field.

Not all courses on the list are offered on a regular basis -- you must consult the current Florida State Law or other relevant course offering list and plan your schedule accordingly.

College of Law Courses

Administrative Law Picture
Clean Air Act
Climate Change Seminar
Coastal and Ocean Law
Condominium and Community Housing Law
Emerging Issues in Energy Law: Renewables and Unconventional Fossil Fuels
Energy Law
Environmental Crimes
Environmental Federalism
Environmental Law
Environmental Legal Research
Florida Administrative Law/Florida Administrative Practice
Florida Administrative Litigation
Growth Management
International Environmental Law Seminar
Land Use Regulation
Local Government Law
Natural Resources Law
Oil & Gas Law
Planned Communities
The Law & Policy of Drilling & Fracturing for Fossil Fuels
Water Law
Other FSU Graduate School Courses

Current Issues in Environmental Science (OCE5018) (Oceanography)
Dispute Resolution (URP5122) (Urban and Regional Planning)
Introduction to Historic Preservation (HIS5083) (History)
Principles of Oceanography (OCE4008) (Oceanography)
River Basin Management Planning (URP5405) (Urban and Regional Planning)