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Distinguished Lecturer Series

Each semester the Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law brings the nation's foremost scholars in Land Use & Environmental Law to the campus of Florida State University and the pages of the Journal. A lecturer's presentation is given at Florida State Law each semester, with the paper itself appearing in the proceeding issue of the Journal.

Upcoming lectures (click here)

  Ann E. Carlson presented “The Obama Administration, Climate Change & the Clean Air Act" held on November 6, 2013.

Previous presentations have been given by:

  David E. Adelman, The University of Texas at Austin School of Law
  Ann E. Carlson, UCLA School of Law                2012-13: Wendy E. Wagner, The University of Texas at Austin
2011-12: (Spring 2012, 25th Anniversary Symposium)  Josh Eagle, University of South Carolina
Alison Rieser, University of Hawai´i at Mānoa
William H. Rodgers, Jr., University of Washington
John D. Echeverria, Vermont Law School
Dr. Richard McLaughlin, Texas A&M University
Dr. Michael Allan Wolf, University of Florida College of Law
(Spring 2011) Jody Freeman, Harvard Law School
(Fall 2010) Kirsten Engel, University of Arizona

2009-10:                                                                   (Spring 2010) G. Tracy Mehan III, The Cadmus Group      (Fall 2009) Tony Arnold, University of Louisville

2008-09:                                                                       (Spring 2009) Hope Babcock, Georgetown University            (Fall 2008) John C. Nagle, University of Notre Dame

2007-08:                                                                        (Spring 2008) Jutta Brunnee, University of Toronto              (Fall 2007) Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer, Georgia State University

2006-07:                                                                   (Spring 2007) Daniel A. Farber, University of California at Berkley
(Fall 2006) Janet Neuman, Lewis & Clark Law School 
(Spring 2006) Douglas A. Kysar, Cornell Law School
(Fall 2005) James Salzman, Duke University
(Spring 2005) Robert L. Fischman, Indiana University at Bloomington
(Fall 2004) Robin Kundis Craig, Indiana University at Indianapolis
(Spring 2004) Lee Breckinridge, Northeastern University
(Fall 2003) A. Dan Tarlock, Chicago-Kent College of Law
2002-03: Holly Doremus, University of California — Davis
2001-02: Fred P. Bosselman, Chicago-Kent College of Law
2000-01: Barton H. (Buzz) Thompson, Jr., Stanford University
1999-00: Lakshman Guruswamy, University of Tulsa
1998-99: Oliver Houck, Tulane University
1997-98: Eric T. Freyfogle, University of Illinois
1996-97: Richard J. Lazarus, Georgetown University
1995-96: Vicki Been, Harvard University
1994-95: Steven G. Davison, University of Baltimore
1993-94: Michael C. Blumm, Lewis & Clark Law School
1991-92: Dan Mandelker, Washington University — St. Louis
1990-91: Edith Brown Weiss, Georgetown University
1989-90: Joseph L. Sax, University of California — Berkeley
1988-89: Charles Siemon, Esq., Siemon, Larson & Purdy
1987-88: William H. Rodgers, Jr., University of Washington
1986-87: James L. Huffman, Lewis & Clark Law School

The series is made possible by contributions to the Journal, particularly the continuing support of the   Environmental & Land Use Law Section of The Florida Bar.