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The Humanizing Legal Education List Serve provides the opportunity for interchange concerning the ways we conduct legal education, the impact those choices may have on the attitudes, values, needs, health and well being of law students, and the possible relationship between each of those matters and the reputed "crises" in the profession including issues of dissatisfaction, depression, excessive work and substance abuse; broad concerns for eroding civility/morality/"professionalism;" and the low opinion of the public for lawyers. Depending on the interest of subscribers, the list will further provide a forum for discussion of alternative teaching methods and current or proposed research for investigating these and related issues involving law students, law teachers, lawyers and judges.

The list serve has approximately 250 subscribers and has been an effective way to achieve many of the goals listed above. The volume of messages is generally very low, but lively discussions also take place and have brought very positive feedback. Some discussions of interest are posted here:

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