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Frederick M. Abbott, the Edward Ball Eminent Scholar, is recognized nationally and internationally for his scholarship and
activities in international intellectual property rights and global economic issues. He is one of the world’s leading figures on issues concerning the pharmaceutical industry and access to medicines.


“This is an exciting and challenging time for international law as we confront critical needs in the areas of the environment and energy, public health, the international economy, and security. We have terrific faculty resources in these areas, and we look forward to helping our students become effective global problem solvers.”


Fernando Tesón, the Tobias Simon Eminent Scholar, has been hailed as a leading moral philosopher of international law. He is
known for his scholarship relating political philosophy to international law (particularly his defense of humanitarian intervention) and his work on political rhetoric.


“In today’s interdependent world, an understanding of international law is indispensable for the educated lawyer. In many situations of cooperation or conflict, knowledge of international norms, institutions, and processes will aid lawyers to better perform their professional duties — in short, to be better lawyers.”


Tahirih V. Lee, an associate professor, is a leading U.S. scholar on chinese law and legal history, having published numerous law review articles on china as well as a four-volume anthology on the law, history and economics of china. She has developed innovative courses which connect Florida State students with students at the Shanghai Institute of Foreign trade.


“My scholarship on China deepens my understanding of law in the United States, as well as helps me appreciate the importance of China’s rise in the world. It is not a place developed primarily by outside investment, but is helping to develop the rest of the world with its exports and investments. Florida State’s China Trade Simulation course
is an example of this. It uses an online platform created largely in Shanghai, and in part at FSU, to connect Florida State students with future trade officials in China and help them through the paces of realistic trade negotiations. This gives my students unique insights into international law
that they could not get from a book or lecture.”

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David E. Landau, an assistant professor and the associate dean for international programs, joined the Florida State law faculty after serving as a climenko Fellow and Lecturer in Law at Harvard Law School. His areas of specialization include Latin American comparative constitutional law and politics, judicial politics, and constitutional theory and design.

“Comparative constitutional law and international law are fast-paced fields. It’s exciting to be able to share knowledge I’ve gained from consulting on the aftermath of a coup in Honduras, or from writing about the electoral system used
in Egypt’s first set of elections, with my students in the classroom. Together, we use theory to get to the bottom of pressing contemporary problems.”


Donna R. Christie, the Elizabeth C. and Clyde W. Atkinson Professor, is a leading authority on international legal issues surrounding ocean and coastal management. She has contributed to the development of coastal and ocean policy and governance in the United States, the caribbean and Australia.


“Florida State gives students the opportunity to study international law with a world class faculty, but also gives students the chance to experience international law and
culture through our Oxford Summer Law Program, exchange programs around the world, and externships, like our program with the International Bar Association in London.”


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Terry Coonan, executive director of the center for the Advancement of Human Rights and a courtesy professor of law, is an advocate for human rights nationally and internationally. He is most noted for his work on human trafficking

Talbot "Sandy" D'Alemberte, president emeritus and professor, has won numerous awards for his contributions to international law, including the International Bar Association’s 2006 Rule of Law Award. He is a former president of the American Bar Association and, in that capacity, was cofounder of the central and Eastern European Law Initiative.

Joseph Dodge, the Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff& Sitterson Professor, is a leading authority on tax issues and has a
special interest in international tax law.

Elwin J. Griffith, the Tallahassee Alumni Professor, focuses much of his scholarship on immigration law. He also served for years as executive director of the caribbean Law Institute, a major law reform
initiative in the caribbean.