International Bar Association (London)

Founded in 1947, the International Bar Association (IBA) is the world's largest organisation of Law Societies, Bar Associations and individual lawyers. The IBA is involved with cutting edge issues affecting the international legal community and as an intern you can become involved in the work of the Association.

The IBA plays an active role in: promoting the status and independence of the profession;

  • bringing lawyers together to exchange information and to discuss matters of mutual concern;
  • promoting the administration of justice under the rule of law;
  • promoting human rights;
  • promoting commercial law reform.
Interns will assist the IBA in developing academic papers and research on key legal topics of both local and international relevance. Interns will have an opportunity to become involved in the work of the following aspects of the Association:
  1. To support the IBA's Human Rights Institute as it promotes human rights throughout the world
  2. To support the IBA's work on Business Law.
Interns will be able to draft policy papers on substantive legal issues as well as assisting in preparing background research for grant proposals. Interns will also be able to assist in implementing technical assistance programs in developing countries. Issues facing the international legal community that are currently an IBA focus include:
  • International Criminal Court/War Crimes Tribunals;
  • ethics;
  • cross/multi-jurisdictional practice;
  • human rights;
  • commercial law issues (e.g. merger control);
  • trial observations and country missions;
  • continuing legal education (CLE) for Bar Associations.