Student Perspectives

"I was honored to be a part of the inaugural class of the Medical-Legal Partnership.  My partner and I had clients with a range of needs so we gained invaluable experience working in a number of areas of the law.  We learned how to navigate and communicate with the agencies and social organizations that provide services to our clients.  Each of our clients had a complex situation that challenged us to get creative and develop problem-solving skills.  Being in the clinic is a real opportunity to gain comprehensive experience working on behalf of clients while still in school.  Professor Adelson and the other students and staff of the clinic were extremely supportive and I knew that I could go to anyone for advice.  It is extremely rewarding to know that you have made some difference in a person’s life and it means a lot for people to know that you’re fighting for them.  You’re not only learning about the 'Law,' but you’re also learning your community and about what it takes to be in the public’s service." - Bridget McDonnell

"I am so glad that I signed up for the Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) externship this semester because it gave me the opportunity to get out of the classroom and into the real world.  It is a great feeling to be able to apply what I learned in law school to real cases in order to help people.  I recommend it to anyone who has the chance to work with PILC." - Samantha Poznak

“Having the opportunity to argue an asylum case in immigration court while still a law student is something I never thought I would be able to do; and to do it under the supervision of an experienced immigration attorney, having the guidance and feedback that I did made this experience that much more valuable. Not only was I able to work on putting together all of the written submissions, and arguments for immigration court, but was also able to see my client’s case through to the actual hearing. Seeing the culmination of a semester’s worth of work on this case was a lot to handle. During that time, I came to know my client and his family very well, and could not bear to see him and his family be sent back to a country which will not protect them.” - Daniela Hogue

"I highly recommend the Center to any student who wants to be challenged professionally, intellectually and emotionally. I chose to work for the Center to gain practical experience before graduating from law school. I gained far more than practical knowledge, and my experiences at the Center have had a profound effect on my development as a lawyer. I gained invaluable experience in the courtroom and felt like I connected with so many levels of the community - with people working in the court and school systems, the medical profession, and with children and their family members. The Center is truly a rewarding experience, and I have the utmost respect for Professor Annino, Professor Stone, and those who work at the Center." - Melody Cadogan

"The Center is a great place for children in this community. As a 3 year law student working at the Center, I had the opportunity to go before a juvenile judge in a competency hearing, go to an IEP meeting and advocate for disabled children's rights in the school system, and argue before the school boarding an expulsion hearing. This experience has been invaluable in preparing me for what I hope will be a lifelong endeavor as a child advocate." - Sarah Graham

"It was wonderful to get a chance to help victims of domestic violence get injunctions to protect them from their abusers. These women desperately need the services provided by the Center. It was an honor to assist in this worthy and noble cause." - Barry "Bo" Dickson

"The Center provided me with practical experience that the average law student never receives. Through the Center I have worked hard advocating for the rights of children, and in doing so gained a greater respect for all those who fight those rights on a daily basis." - Shawn L. Demers

"The experience at the Center in fantastic. From the first appearance you make in the courtroom, to the pre-trial jitters and the post-trial exaltation, the Center truly provides a well-rounded legal education. Client interaction, courtroom experience, and actual practice of law is what sets the Center apart from the rest of the law school. Actually connecting with your clients and feeling their pain and wanting to fulfill their legal desires puts a face on the legal profession." - Kris Dunn

"FSU is lucky to have the Center, as well as two professors who care so much about the program. Not only does the Center help children throughout the community, it has helped me and other students. I am grateful for the opportunity to work here and will encourage other students to take advantage of the program." - Sue Jenkins

"In working for the Center the practical experience I gained was a fresh change from the academic pursuit of law school. The self-fulfillment and intrinsic value I received using my talents and abilities to help the deserving and under-privileged gave me tremendous motivation. Finally using my three years of law school study in a productive way was fantastic!" - Eric Fenniman