Application forms are now available for the upcoming semester and will be accepted only during the advertised application period:

Monday, February 2nd through 4:00 p.m., Thursday, February 12th

Links to the various application forms are provided below. You may complete the application form on your computer or you may complete it by handwriting in your responses. Either way, you must submit a hard copy of the completed application form with your original signature/initials. E-mailed application forms will not be accepted nor considered. Please be sure to review the materials on the Externship website and the notes on background information, disclosures, and earning credit (set forth below) before completing your application form.

Civil, Judicial, and International — This application form is for a myriad of externships — civil externships (environmental, labor/employment, local government, etc.), legal services, international, and judicial externships (Bankruptcy, Supreme Court, Circuit Court, First District Court of Appeal, etc.).

State Attorney/Public Defender

Innocence Project of Florida

U.S. Attorney's Office

Appellate Programs

Criminal Practice Clinic — This application is for the class that is a prerequisite for the prosecutor/defender Litigation externship. For planning purposes, this class is not offered in the summer.

Background Information, Disclosures, and Earning credit

As part of any externship or Criminal Practice Clinic application, a student should disclose any investigation, formal complaint, disciplinary action of any kind (school, work, etc.), any lawsuit or agency action initiated against the student, any juvenile or criminal charge, and other information that could be deemed relevant to a student’s character. For each incident, provide facts, dates, and dispositions (if any). Students should keep in mind that information disclosed as part of the application process may be disclosed to the site office the student is applying for, so that an informed acceptance decision may be made.  Direct any questions about what to report or about other disclosure issues to the externship faculty supervising your program(s) of interest.

Two levels of acceptance are required for enrollment in an externship. The faculty supervisor will consider applications and make initial decisions. Selection factors for the externships and Criminal Practice Clinic include number of applicants, fit with the (externship) placement personnel and activities, commitment to the externship program, previous academic and other school performance, work and other experience, and background information.  Any indication of unprofessional behavior or inability to work effectively and harmoniously with a broad range of persons is carefully considered, given the professional nature of the program and its reliance on off-campus supervision at offices not affiliated with the law school. Each externship applicant accepted by the faculty supervisor must also be accepted by the placement site supervisor, after disclosure by the faculty of all information that, in his or her judgment, is relevant to the decision.

In order to earn full credit, students must fulfill the learning objectives and methods for each program, and this will require the student to aggressively seek casework. Isolated situations may also arise due to problems with site personnel, and may necessitate extension of the program or relocation from the initial placement office to earn full credit.