How to Apply and Register for an Externship

Completing & Submitting an Application

For most placements, you apply only to the FSU COL externship office and we send your resume to the placement site. Applications are available here, and vary by program.

Some placements (particularly federal courts and agencies) require that you apply to their internship program by their internship application deadline, as well as applying to the FSU externship program. See Relationship between an Externship and an Internship.


Application Periods

Applications for externship are accepted during established application periods three times a year:

fall (for the coming spring semester);

spring (for the coming summer semester);

end of spring (for the coming fall semester).

These dates are posted on the externship website and are included in the Student Announcements.

 Registering for an Externship

Once a student has been accepted for an externship, the externship office will request the registrar to enroll the student. Students cannot drop or add externship courses themselves, as registration is closed. Any change in credit hours must be approved in writing by the faculty supervisor.