U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — Office of Regional Counsel

Credit: 6 credits
Number of Positions: 1 - 2

The Office of Regional Counsel is the chief legal advisor to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the agency with primary responsibility for implementing the nation’s environmental laws. Students will be assigned to one of nine legal offices and will conduct research and write memoranda of law on a variety of environmental legal issues. Students may also assist with policy development by drafting comments on proposed legislation, and with litigation of cases. Offices of Regional Counsel are located in Atlanta (Region 4); Boston (Region 1); Chicago (Region 5); Dallas (Region 6); Denver (Region 8); New York City (Region 2); Philadelphia (Region 3); San Francisco (Region 9); and Seattle (Region 10).

Prerequisites: Environmental Law, Administrative Law. Students are not certified for student practice.

Recommended Courses: Evidence.

Selection Process: Selection is based on the student applicant’s overall records, courses, grades, career goals, expected graduation date and other externships taken.

Expenses: Financial Assistance for travel and living expenses may be available.

Objectives and Methods