Governor's Office of Policy and Budget - Environmental Unit

Credit: 3 credits
Number of Positions: 1

Students work under the supervision of the policy coordinator or policy advisor of the Environmental Unit. During legislative session (spring semester), students will read and track bills filed, gather facts, discern legal issues within bills, attend committee meetings related to bills, attend internal and external policy-development meetings, and follow federal legislative developments. Outside of the legislative session (summer and fall semesters), tasks will be similar, but will involve proposed legislation rather than filed bills. Also, there are no committee meetings during the summer semester.

Students may not assist with non-legal work, constituent correspondence, fundraising, or campaign-related activities as part of their externship experience.

Prerequisites: Students must have satisfactorily completed first year curriculum and one environmental law course. Students do not have to be certified pursuant to the Student Practice Rule.

Recommended Courses: All environmental law courses, Administrative Law, and Economics.

Selection Process: Selection is based on the student applicant's overall record, courses, grades, career goals, expected graduation date, and other externships taken.

Objectives and Methods