FSU Office of Intellectual Property Development and Commercialization

Credit: 3 credits
Number of Positions: 1

Students will conduct a preliminary investigation into the patentability and marketability of a particular technology developed by FSU faculty or staff. This will include interviewing the inventor, searching databases for prior art and other obstacles to patentability, assessing the marketability of the technology using a program provided by the Office, and preparing a written report summarizing this information. The report will be used by the inventor to prepare a proposal requesting funding to develop the technology. Students also may interact with attorneys who are in the process of obtaining patents for university inventions, and may assist with license negotiations.

Prerequisites: Students must have successfully completed Patent Law, and have technical knowledge in one or more discipline such as biology, chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering or computer science. Students are not certified pursuant to the Student Practice Rule.

Recommended Courses: Global Regulation of the Pharmaceutical Sector, Cyber Law, Bioethics and the Law

Selection Process: The selection is handled jointly by the faculty supervisor and the supervising attorney at the FSU OIPDC. Selection is based on the student applicant's overall record, courses, grades, career goals, expected graduation date, and other externships taken.

Objectives and Methods