Guardian Ad Litem (Tallahassee, Orlando, West Palm Beach)

Credit: 6 credits
Number of Positions: 1 (in each location)

The Guardian Ad Litem program represents guardians who are appointed by the court to represent children in a variety of cases, including dependency cases, family law cases in which the child is a victim or witness, and in criminal cases in which the child is a victim or witness. Students are assigned a significant number of their own cases in which they represent the appointed guardian in court proceedings. Students will engage in a number of pretrial activities, such as drafting pleadings and motions, responses, and pretrial stipulations. Students will conduct hearings and prepare witnesses to testify. Students will also draft orders reflecting the court's decision.

Prerequisites: Students must have satisfactorily completed Evidence and Professional Responsibility. Students must be certified pursuant to the Student Practice Rule.

Recommended Courses: Family Law, Trial Practice, Civil Pretrial Practice or Florida Civil Practice

Selection Process: Selection is based on the student applicant's overall record, courses, grades, career goals, expected graduation date, and other externships taken.

Objectives and Methods