Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – New York

Credit: 6 credits
Number of Positions: n/a

Students externing with the Legal Unit of the EEOC will be paired with an attorney and will assist her and other EEOC staff with investigating, analyzing and prosecuting charges of discrimination before litigation. The student will conduct legal research and writing relating to employment discrimination and general federal practice issues such as discovery, trial practice and evidence. Students will be involved with interviewing claimants, drafting discovery demands and responses, summarizing deposition testimony, attending depositions and court conferences, analyzing documents, using litigation support software, and assisting with outreach projects. The student will also observe any ongoing trials of the supervising attorney.

Prerequisites: Students are not certified pursuant to the Student Practice Rule. Students must have satisfactorily completed Evidence.

Recommended Courses: Employment Discrimination (strongly recommended)

Selection Process: In order to enroll in this externship, students must apply and be accepted as an extern by the Legal Unit of an EEOC office. Applicants typically should apply at least six months before their intended start date. Selection is done by the EEOC and generally is based on a student applicant’s overall record, including courses, grades and career goals. Special emphasis is placed on the student’s interest in the area of employment discrimination. In addition to applying to the EEOC, students must separately apply to the Florida State Law externship program by the announced deadline.

Objectives and Methods