Leon County Attorney's Office

Credit: 6 credits
Number of Positions: 1

Students will assist in representing Leon County in a variety of civil and administrative cases filed against, or, on behalf of, the county and its officials. Types of cases range from animal control actions to zoning disputes, Comprehensive Plan amendments, challenges to personnel actions and mortgage foreclosure hearings, as well as proceedings before the Code Enforcement Board and Contractor’s Licensing Board. Students will draft pleadings, argue motions if scheduling allows, and may be involved in aspects of pre-trial preparation, including witness interviews, interrogatories and requests for admissions, depositions and exhibit preparation. Students may also choose to attend Board of County Commission meetings, which begin at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.

Prerequisites: Students are not required to be certified pursuant to the Student Practice Rule, but a qualified student may request to be certified.

Recommended Courses: Evidence, Land Use Regulation, Local Government Law, Civil Pretrial Practice.

Selection Process: Selection is based on the student applicant's overall record, courses, grades, career goals, expected graduation date, and other externships taken.

Objectives and Methods