Program Descriptions

Click below to read descriptions for externship programs in the following areas:

  • Judicial Programs (Florida Supreme Court, First District Court of Appeal, federal and state trial courts, Bankruptcy Court, Immigration Court, Division of Administrative Hearings. Most state court placements are in Tallahassee, and most federal court placements are in Florida, 6 credits)

  • Criminal Justice Programs (State Attorney and Public Defender offices in Tallahassee and throughout the State of Florida, 9-12 credits)

  • Civil and Government Programs (Approximately 40 placements focusing on the following practice areas: environmental, land use, children and family, labor/employment, torts, health/disability, city/county government, administrative, and appellate practice. Most placements are in Tallahassee and award 6 credits)

  • Legal Services Programs (in Tallahassee and throughout Florida, 6-12 credits)

  • Appellate Programs (Solicitor General, Attorney General, Public Defender Offices in Tallahassee, 3 credits)

  • International Programs (International tribunals and non-governmental organizations in various locations, 6-10 credits)