How to Apply

Externship applications: Students are notified of each application period by flyers posted above student mail folders, notices posted in student announcements, and reminders sent to Florida State Law e-mail aliases. Applications are accepted only during the two-week application period. The application periods for spring and summer terms are early in the preceding semester; the fall application period is late in the spring.

Caution: Many programs require approval by the Florida Supreme Court as a certified legal intern (CLI status). Check individual program descriptions to determine which ones require certification. You must apply to The Florida Bar for CLI clearance in order to participate in an externship for which certification is required. It takes approximately 4-6 months to obtain a clearance letter from The Bar, and you cannot receive certification without your clearance letter — no exceptions.

Class Applications: Criminal Practice Clinic is taught by Professor Krieger and is a prerequisite for the Prosecutor and Public Defender externships. Students apply to the externship office to enroll in this class. Applications for this class are accepted during the externship application periods noted above. This class is not offered in the summer.

See Lauren Manders, 208 Rotunda, for additional information after having reviewed the materials online.