Court of Appeal, Republic of Botswana

Credit: 3 credits
Number of positions: 1

The Court of Appeal, the supreme court of Botswana, hears appeals from the High Court. Justices are drawn from Commonwealth countries and proceedings are in English. The court meets twice a year: a four-week summer term in January and a four-week winter term in July. The Court sits in Lobatse, a town in southeastern Botswana about 70 kilometers south of the capital Gaborone, and the justices reside and take meals in a hotel near the court. Externs perform the duties of a judicial clerk. They assist justices by performing legal research and preparing memoranda, drafting orders and opinions, obtaining research materials, observing court proceedings and participating in discussions analyzing issues. The student is supervised by and works directly with the justices. Our liaison at the Court will provide students with details about travel arrangements and documentation, health, attire, food and lodging.

Prerequisites: Students must have satisfactorily completed Evidence and one international law course. Before beginning the externship, students must complete international legal research training through the FSU College of Law Library, Westlaw or Lexis.

Recommended Courses: Public International Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, International Human Rights, International Criminal Law, Business Associations

Selection Process: Justice Moore, in consultation with Florida State Law faculty, will select the student.

Financial Assistance: The FSU Center for the Advancement of Human Rights may assist students with travel and living expenses incurred to do this externship. Externs are responsible for determining what travel documents are necessary, and paying for and obtaining them. Should the host country determine that the extern does not have the necessary travel documents, the student is responsible for any costs associated with return to the United States. Externs are responsible for their own food, housing, health insurance and all other living expenses.

Objectives and Methods