International Justice Mission (Chiang Mai)
*Available summer; students work full-time.

Credit: 6 credits

Number of Positions: 1

The International Justice Mission is a non-profit, human rights organization made up of more than 500 lawyers, investigators, social workers, and other staff. The internship program is 10 weeks long starting on June 3rd and ending on August 8th.  The program begins with a one week orientation in Washington D.C.  The student will then travel to Thailand and work full-time for nine weeks as a legal intern. The student will conduct client interviews and research for cases on Human Trafficking, admin law, and child sex abuse. The intern will then develop a new case model for that work.

Prerequisites: Prior to enrolling in the International Justice Mission externship, all students must have completed 48 credits and have taken two of the recommended courses.

Recommended Courses: Constitutional Law II, Refugee and Asylum law, Immigration Law, International Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law, Federal Jurisdiction, Federal Criminal Procedure, Advanced Legal Research

Application Process: Before being considered for this externship all applicants must first apply directly to IJM and be accepted into the Summer Legal Intern Program. You will find the application and description at

Financial Assistance: Externs earning credit may not be compensated for their work. However, students may gain financial assistance by applying to FSU’s Center for Advancement of Human Rights. This summer, our extern will be receiving $3,000 from the Center for Advancement of Human Rights.

Objectives and Methods