General Information

Professor Gertz is the faculty supervisor for these programs unless otherwise noted. The Perspectives portion of these programs involves submission of periodic papers, attendance and participation in periodic seminars with the faculty supervisor, submission of weekly journals and a final paper.

Clinical Prerequisite: Civil Pretrial Practice

In order to enroll in any legal services externship, a student must have successfully completed Civil Pretrial Practice. This course is designed to prepare students for an externship in legal services programs. Students are introduced to basic lawyering skills, professional responsibility issues, and substantive and procedural law. The instruction methods used in the class are a combination of lecture, observation by students of live or videotaped demonstrations by lawyers, and student simulation exercises. Grading is pass/fail. Students receive two hours of academic credit. Class meets once a week for two hours with the possibility of extra small group session meetings.

Preference for enrollment in Civil Pretrial Practice is given to students who plan to extern in a legal services office. Class size is limited. Enrollment in Civil Pretrial Practice is determined by the professor teaching the course, and students MUST submit a pre-registration application form to the externship office by the posted deadline. Application forms are available in the externship office, 208 Rotunda. Applications are taken in the fall for the spring class and are taken in the spring for the fall class. The application period will be announced in flyers posted around the school, e-mail messages, and notices on the video monitors. Registration for the course will be completed by the externship office. Students not enrolled will be placed on a waiting list and contacted as vacancies occur.