Recommended Core Upper Level Courses By Subject Area

Students should consider courses based on subject interest and intended field of practice when designing their upper level course selection. Students are encouraged to meet with faculty with respect to the courses that meet their broad and specialized interests.

Subject Area Recommended Courses
Administrative Law Administrative Law, Florida Administrative Procedure, Energy Law & Policy, Environmental Law, Land Use Planning, Natural Resources Law, Health Law Policy, Coastal and Ocean Law, Immigration Law, Workers' Compensation, Administrative Law externship.
Business & Commercial Law Business Associations, Agency and Partnership, Securities Regulation, Corporate Finance, Creditors' Rights, Taxation I, Entities Taxation I & II, Real Estate Transactions, Sales and Leases, Secured Transactions.
Civil Rights Law Federal Jurisdiction, Church and State, First Amendment, International Human Rights Law, Civil Rights Survey, Employment Discrimination, Advanced Civil Procedure, any other course or seminar focusing on civil rights or constitutional law.
Criminal Justice Constitutional Criminal Procedure I and II, Florida Criminal Practice, Criminal Justice externship.
Environmental & Land Use Law Environmental Law, Land Use Planning, Administrative Law, Ocean & Coastal Law, Natural Resources Law, Endangered Species Protection Law, Growth Management, Florida Land Use Law, Florida Administrative Procedure, Energy Law & Policy, Environmental Issues in Business Transactions.
Family Law Family Law, Florida Dissolution of Marriage, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation; Child, Family & State Seminar.
International Law International Business Transactions, International Human Rights Law, European Union Law, International Trade Law, Public International Law, Comparative Law, International Litigation, International Taxation, International Environmental Law, Immigration Law, Refugee Law, International Intellectual Property Law.
Litigation Trial Practice, Trial Evidence Seminar, Advanced Torts, Litigation, externship.