LL.M. Degree Requirements

The LL.M. is a post-graduate degree. Candidates must hold a first degree in law from a foreign institution.

To earn the LL.M. degree in American Law for Foreign Lawyers, students must successfully complete 24 units of credit (generally two semesters' study) in residence at the Florida State University College of Law. LL.M. students must also complete a non-credit, one-week orientation prior to the beginning of fall semester. Students must complete required courses in Legal Research and Writing and Introduction to American Law. There are no other required courses. Students are thus encouraged to select their course requirements over the two semesters by choosing courses and seminars from among those offered in the J.D. program, in a way that is tailored to their particular interests and career aspirations.

An LL.M. thesis is not required for the degree. Students who demonstrate outstanding writing and research ability may, however, have the opportunity to take a 3-credit Directed Individual Study. Upon successful completion of this substantial research project, the International Programs Committee may designate qualified papers as an LL.M. thesis.