How You Can Get Involved!

The 1968 constitution intended that citizens should have every opportunity to participate fully in revising their constitution through the revision commission process. For example, it requires public hearings, which the 1978 commission interpreted broadly, and makes no requirement that any of the 37 members be lawyers (except for the attorney general). In fact, many of the 1978 members were nonlawyers, including physicians, labor officials, and community leaders.

Opportunities to Participate

Beginning now . . .

Dr. Mark Pritchett, Vice President
Collins Center for Public Policy
Cawthon House, Florida State University
Post Office Box 1658
Tallahassee, Florida 32302-1658
904-644-1441 (fax) 904-644-1442

After organization of the Constitution Revision Commission . . .

When hearings begin in 1997 . . .

After the commission drafts amendments in later 1997 and early 1998 . . .

Between May and November 1998 . . .

Because people do not change their constitutions lightly, the people of Florida must come to understand the revision commission process and must be prepared to consider the kind of fundamental changes that may result from the process, if constitutional revision is to succeed.
Stephen T. Maher, chair,
Conference on the Florida