You and Florida's Constitution Revision Commission

A Citizen's Guide to Proposing Changes for 1997-1998

Published by the Collins Center for Public Policy
...a nonpartisan, nonprofit research center named in honor of LeRoy Collins (1908-91), Governor of Florida 1955-61
With funding by the Florida Bar Foundation


  1. Introduction
  2. Earlier Constitutions: A Brief History
  3. Florida is a Dynamic State
  4. Articles of Today's Constitution
  5. The Opportunity to Change the Constitution Every 20 Years
  6. The 1978 Constitution Revision Commission
  7. The 1997-98 Constitution Revision Commission
  8. Some Potential Issues for 1998
  9. How You Can Get Involved!
  10. Suggested Readings on Florida's Constitution
  11. Did You Know?
  12. Collins Center Board of Trustees and Officers

The Collins Center for Public Policy

The Collins Center for Public Policy is a nonpartisan, nonprofit network of concerned trustees with professional staff in Tallahassee and Miami and advisors throughout the state and nation. The Florida Board of Regents recognizes it as a research center which serves all state universities and is hosted by Florida State University.

To ensure its independence, the Collins Center receives support from a multi-million dollar endowment fund. It also receives grants from individuals, business organizations, private foundations and, for specific projects, from the Florida Legislature.

From its beginning in 1989, the Collins Center has conducted research on major issues which affect the citizens of Florida. Among others these include crime and prisons, constitutional review, public representation in the Florida Legislature, greater participation by African-Americans in Dade County's tourism industry, political campaign ethics, citizen participation in public decisions, neighborhood community economic development, and hurricane catastrophic insurance.

LeRoy Collins (1908-91),
Governor of Florida 1955-61

The Collins Center for Public Policy
Post Office Box 1658
Tallahassee, Florida 32302-1658
PHONE: (904) 644-1441
FAX: (904) 644-1442

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