Tryout Information

2014 B. Richard Young Tryout Competition Information

Tryouts are held early in the spring semester of each school year. Usually, participants submit a Motion in Limine. Those who submit their motion timely will be permitted to compete. There will be three (3) rounds, with the cuts occurring after Round 2. The information below will be updated with dates and times for the spring 2013 competition and e-mailed to 1Ls and 2Ls. Please note that the information and procedure below is subject to change.

1. Academic Standards

ALL 1Ls and 2Ls may participate in Mock Trial tryouts. Students must have at least a 72 G.P.A. to try out, and must maintain a 72 G.P.A. once selected as members.

2. Requirements for 2Ls Trying Out

All 2Ls who will be trying out must be graduating in May 2015. Additionally, 2Ls trying out must have completed Evidence by the end of their Spring Semester 2L year.

3. Motion in Limine

Students must submit a Motion in Limine along with a registration form in order to register for Mock Trial tryouts. A deadline is set each year for motions. Late submissions will NOT be accepted. On your Motion in Limine, please be sure to provide your name, email, phone number and any legitimate conflicts you have (i.e. Phonathon). Tryout time accommodations will only be made for participants with legitimate conflicts.

4. Tryout Dates and Times

Tryout times will be disclosed once the students participating have submitted their Motion in Limine. You should arrive 15 minutes before your specified tryout time. Once you complete your presentation you may leave.

5. Time Limits

The following is an example of a time frame for each round (which is subject to change):
Round 1 Opening Statement: 5 Minutes
Round 2 Cross Examination: 5 Minutes
Final Round Closing Argument: 5 Minutes

Mock Trial team members will be timing each participant. If the participant exceeds the allotted time, they will be instructed to stop their presentation.

6. The Tryout Packet

Click here for the 2014 Competition Packet.

Click here for the 2014 Case Packet.

7. Round 1 - Opening Statements

Participants should prepare an opening statement as if they were representing the assigned party which may be Plaintiff or Defendant. Before proceeding with opening statements, candidates must respond to an opposing counsel’s Motion in Limine (opposing counsel’s motion to exclude some piece of evidence). The Motion in Limine will be performed by a scoring judge. Students should respond BRIEFLY as to why opposing counsel’s motion should not be granted.

8. Round 2 - Cross Examination

Candidates must perform a cross examination of one of the witnesses from their packet. During the cross examination, candidates must respond to a trial objection by opposing counsel (think like Law & Order when a lawyer says “objection – relevance.” You must briefly respond as to why the opposing counsel’s objection should not be granted. Opposing counsel will be played by a scoring judge. Witnesses will be performed by current members of the Mock Trial Team.

9. Cuts after Round 2

All participants will participate in Round 1 & 2 (Opening Statements and Cross Examination). Based on scores, there will be a cut after Round 2 with only qualifying scores proceeding to closing statements. Participants should receive an email late Thursday evening notifying them who is proceeding to the final round.

10. Round 3 – Closing Statements

Students selected to compete in Round 3 will be required to give a closing statement for the other party (for example, if you gave an opening for the Plaintiff, then you will give a closing for the Defendant).