Muslim Law Students Association

Officers & Contacts

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Upcoming Events

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Mission Statement

The FSU Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA) aims to provide a platform for both Muslim and non-Muslim students to learn about issues surrounding Islam, Muslims and the law. The MLSA was established to accommodate the diverse social, religious and intellectual needs of FSU students, especially in the law school community. The MLSA seeks to encourage discourse on and increase awareness of the domestic and international legal, cultural and political issues affecting Muslim communities today. We also seek to serve as a mentorship tool and support network for younger law students and undergraduates pursuing legal studies. The organization aspires to dispel misconceptions, bring awareness and address issues of religion and minorities in the legal career. It allows its members to understand our legal system with an Islamic background and spin to it, to better help law students/lawyers in dealing with the diversity of their communities and clients. Lastly, we aim to work with other religious and non-religious student organizations at the Florida State law school on various educational, cultural and social events with the hope of bridging the gap between Muslim and non-Muslim members of the school and community at large.