Wine & Spirits Society, FSU College of Law

Mission Statement

The goal of the FSU College of Law Wine & Spirits Society is twofold:  First, the society will provide an organization in which FSU law students can learn about wine, and the many different areas of law that apply to wine and other alcoholic beverages in general. These include land use, regulatory issues, environmental law, taxation, and trademark, to name a few.  Secondly, the Society will serve a social function. The Society will work to organize tasting events that will serve to educate students about different wines, but can also be organized to include craft beers or other spirits. These functions will provide a forum for education as well as conversation.

Office & Contacts

2014-15 Executive Board

President - Sarah Niewold
Vice President - Amanda Robocker
Treasurer - Patrick Perez
Community Outreach Chair - TBA
1L Representative