Post a Housing Option

This service is provided as a courtesy to our current law students and Alumni.  If you wish to make a housing opportunity available to Florida State Law students, please read this document carefully and follow the terms listed below. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are giving permission for your name and housing information to be on a list and distributed. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you also acknowledge that Florida State University and the College of Law are not liable for any personal, financial or property damage disputes which may arise from any private arrangements made by parties through the service. Failure to follow procedures may result in your name being removed from the list.

Terms of the Program:

  1. Fully complete the information requested below.
  2. Agree to deal honestly and courteously with any students that contact you
  3. Once your housing opening has been filled, immediately contact the Office of Student Affairs at 850.644.7338 to remove the housing from the list. If you do not contact the Office of Student Affairs, information will be posted for one month.
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