Roommate Referral Request

If you wish to have your name and other information listed and available to classmates who are looking for roommates, please read this document carefully and follow the terms listed below. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are giving permission for your name to be on a list and to be distributed to participants in the program. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you also acknowledge that Florida State University and Florida State Law are not liable for any personal, financial or property damage disputes which may arise from any private arrangements made by parties through the referral service. Failure to follow procedures may result in your name being removed from the list.

Terms of the Program:

  1. Fully complete the information requested below.
  2. Agree to deal honestly and courteously with any students you may contact concerning this program
  3. Once you have selected a roommate, immediately contact the Office of Student Affairs at 850.644.7338 to remove both names from the list.
  4. Only contact individuals still on the list. The list will be updated periodically and will be available online.
Once your request has been processed — within 24-48 hours — you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your username and password.

Gender Male  Female
E-mail Address
Current City/State
Current Phone
Permanent Phone
Permanent City/State
Class Year (for upcoming year):   1L  2L  3L
Undergraduate School
Personal Interests
Do you smoke? Yes  No
Identify characteristics you most desire in a roommate:
Please state any idiosyncrasies you may have that would be important to a potential roommate - i.e., sleep with windows open, unorganized/messy room, etc.: