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College of Law Rooms - A025

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Room Characteristics
Seating Cap Judges Bench (3), Counsel (4), Witness stand (1), Clerk (1), Jury (14), Audience (27)
Video Display LCD Projector, LCD Monitors (x4), Annotation monitors (x3 [Podium, Judges Bench and Witness stand])
Audio House
Speech Reinforcement Podium Gooseneck Mic, Wireless Lapel Mic, Ceiling Mics (for recording)
Judges Bench, Sidebar, Witness stand, Counsel tables

Custom Podium
Control Panel
Desktop - Windows 7
4 Laptop Connections VGA/HDMI (Podium, Counsel (x2), Judges Bench)
Blu Ray Player
Document Camera
PowerPoint Presenter
Webcast and Recording

Note: For training on any equipment in this room please either submit the Training Request Form or contact the College of Law Technology Department by phone (644-7735) or email (helpdesk@law.fsu.edu) to schedule a training session.

*    Subtract 2 seats for every handicap seat.
**  Subtract 1 seat for every handicap seat.

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