Default Rules Symposium

Spring 2005 Symposium

March 25-26, 2005 Florida State University
College of Law

Program Agenda

Program Overview

Since the economic analysis of default rules in contract law set the stage more than twenty years ago, analysis of default rules has reverberated throughout several areas of law. For example, today analysis of gap-filling devices dominates much discussion of corporate law, as well as family law and torts. Even in public law, commentators have invoked default rule analysis to address constitutional rights and other issues, such as the appropriate judicial approach to the interpretation of statutes.

Default Rules in Private and Public Law: A Symposium (printed brochure)

On March 25-26, 2005, Florida State University College of Law will hold a 1 1/2 day conference on Default Rules in Private and Public Law. Four panels will include papers by leading scholars on the topic, along with comments by distinguished academics. The panels will be organized around the following themes:

  • The theory of default rules (jurisprudence, law and economics)
  • Default rules in private market transactions (i.e., a contracts/torts/family law panel)
  • Default rules and the firm (i.e., a corporations panel)
  • Default rules in public law (i.e., a constitutional/regulatory law panel)
Conference papers will be published in a symposium issue of the Florida State University Law Review.

Default Rules in Private and Public Law: A Symposium (organized by Jim Rossi)

Featured keynote speaker: Eric Maskin—Princeton

Other participants include Ian Ayres (Yale), Robert Ahdieh (Emory), Scott Baker & Kim Krawiec (University of North Carolina), Oren Bar-Gil (Harvard), Omri Ben-Shahar (Michigan), Margaret Brinig (Iowa), Daniel Farber (Berkeley), John Ferejohn (Stanford), Tamar Frankel (Boston University), Bradley C. Karkkainen (Minnesota), Jody Kraus (Virginia), Eric Posner (Chicago), Alan Schwartz (Yale), Robert Scott (Virginia), Eric Talley (University of Southern California). Participating Florida State University faculty include Amitai Aviram, Curtis Bridgeman, Mary Crossley, Adam Hirsch, Jonathan Klick, Jim Rossi, J.B. Ruhl, John Scholz, and Mark Seidenfeld.