The Florida State University College of Law and the Environmental and Land Use Section of The Florida Bar present
Integration of Land Use and Water Management in Florida

Tuesday, March 28, 2006, 3:30 p.m.

Welcome by Ryan Mahler, vice president, Florida State University College of Law Environmental Law Society Reception to follow forum in The D'Alemberte Rotunda

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e-mail Meghan McQuellon, Environmental and Land Use Law Program Administrator

The Spring ’06 Environmental Forum will focus on integration of land use and water management in Florida. Local governments often handle land use regulation within their jurisdictions, while regional and state agencies play a significant role in water management. Different systems of authority are involved, with different expertise, different cultures, and different interests. Our Forum will consider the question: How well do the two systems work together and, related, how could the systems be improved? The focus of the Forum will be on large-scale planning projects that deal with both systems, with the hope that lessons from these projects will also help to inform thinking about land and water integration more generally.

Janet Bowman
Janet Bowman is the general counsel for 1000 Friends of Florida. Before coming to 1000 Friends, she was the attorney for the Florida Senate, Committee on Comprehensive Planning, Local & Military Affairs. During her tenure with the legislature, she also was staff attorney for the Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Relations where she focused on local government issues. She has served as an assistant general counsel at the Department of Environmental Protection and practiced environmental law as an associate with the law firm of Messer, Vickers, Caparello, French & Madsen.

Bob Dennis
Bob Dennis has been with the Florida Department of Community Affairs for over 22 years. He has worked with the Areas of Critical State Concern Program and Department's Growth Management Program reviewing comprehensive plans, comprehensive plan amendments, and developments of regional impact throughout the state. Currently he co-chairs a committee that includes of representatives from the Department of Community Affairs, the Department of Environmental Protection, and the five Water Management Districts that is developing technical assistance resources to help local governments revise their comprehensive plans to meet the new water supply requirements adopted by the Florida Legislature last year.

Janet G. Llewellyn
Janet G. Llewellyn is the Deputy Director of the Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Water Resource Management. She oversees the Office of Water Policy and the Bureau of Beaches and Coastal Systems. The Office of Water Policy is the Department’s lead office for water policy analysis and development, and coordination with the state’s five water management districts. Ms. Llewellyn has worked for the DEP since 1983. Ms. Llewellyn received a B.S. degree in Biology from the University of Nebraska and a Master of Science degree in Biological Oceanography from Oregon State University.

John Scholz
John Scholz, the Eppes Professor of Political Science studies cooperation, compliance and regulatory enforcement. Professor Scholz teaches in FSU’s Political Science Department and is affiliated with the College of Law as a Courtesy Professor. His work on environmental and tax compliance appears in the leading journals in political science and law, such as the American Journal of Political Science and Law & Contemporary Problems, and he recently wrote Adaptive Governance and Water Conflicts (editor, with Bruce Stiftel) (Resources for the Future 2005).

George Willson
George Willson is a Tallahassee based conservation consultant for a select group of large landowners, investors, and The Conservation Fund. From 1999-2004 he served as a Vice President for the St. Joe Company. He also has worked as a senior official with the Florida Department of Environmental Regulation (now the Department of Environmental Protection, for land and water conservation programs and Kissimmee-Lake Okeechobee-Everglades Ecosystem 1977-1984); as Director or The Nature Conservancy's Land Conservation Programs in Florida from 1984-1999; and on the Governing Board Member, Northwest Florida Water Management District, 1991-1999.

David Markell, Moderator
David Markell has co-authored three books on environmental law and policy and co-edited another, and he has written more than 50 articles on environmental, land use, and administrative law topics. Several of these publications have won national awards. Professor Markell teaches courses on environmental law, as well as administrative law and land use at the College of Law. Professor Markell has extensive practice experience, having worked with the United States EPA, the U.S Department of Justice, and the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, as well as in private law firms. Professor Markell worked in Montreal from 1998-2000 as the Director for Submissions on Enforcement Matters with the NAFTA environmental commission, the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation.

The College of Law has developed a reputation as one of the nation's top environmental and land use programs. U.S. News & World Report has ranted the school’s environmental program 14th in the nation. In 2001, the law school launched an innovative Environmental and Land Use Certificate Program that provides students with a strong foundation in the area. In addition to an extensive environmental curriculum, students have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience through externships with government agencies and environmental groups. Law school faculty members are recognized nationally for their scholarship and other contributions to the field. They have authored numerous casebooks, articles, and other publications, several of which have won national awards.