Lectures and Announcements

Recent Lectures and Announcements

Tod Aronovitz addresses students at Spring 2003 Graduation, May 3.

Barry Scheck discusses Innocence and DNA project at College of Law on April 10, 2003.

Attorney General Charlie Crist Honored at April 9, 2003, law school event.

Admitted Students Day, March 28, 2003, gives prospective students a glimpse of law school life.

Supreme Court Day, March 20, 2003, gives students the opportunity to ask justices of Florida's highest court questions.

Law School Announces LL.M. Program, February 24, 2003, beginning in the Fall 2003.

Journals recognized at College of Law, January 15, 2003.

Saul Levmore delivers 2003 Mason Ladd Lecture February 20.

Mel Martinez, class of 1973, the first College of Law graduate appointed to the U.S. Cabinet, addressed the law school's 2002 graduating class, April 27.

William H. Simon gives 2002 Mason Ladd Lecture March 19, 2002.

Lacey Collier, first College of Law graduate appointed to the federal bench, spoke to Graduates December 15, 2001.

What Lawmakers Can Learn from Large-Scale Ecology, Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law Distinguished Lecture, October 18, 2001.

Civil rights expert Christopher Edley describes his experiences working for racial equality at a lecture October 3, 2001.

FSU's Student Bar Association wins national and regional awards at the ABA Annual Meeting. September 21, 2001.

Class of 2001 maintains its diversity under new 'One Florida' admissions rules. August 31, 2001.

FSU law students and alumni take top honors at the Florida Bar's Annual Meeting, June 20-23, 2001.