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Major Lectures, Conferences and Symposia

The following major lectures, conferences and symposia are scheduled for the current academic year followed by a listing of similar presentations from previous years.

February 20, 20032003 Mason Ladd Lecture
Saul Levmore, Dean and William B. Graham Professor of Law, University of Chicago. Topic: "Citizen Warranties."

April 19-20, 2002 Society for Evolutionary Analysis in Law Annual Conference.
Dr. Steven Pinker (MIT Department of Cognitive and Brain Sciences), author of the popular science books The Language Instinct (Harper Collins 1995) and How the Mind Works (W.W. Norton 1997).

March 19, 20022002 Annual Mason Ladd Lecture.
William Simon, Stanford (visiting at Columbia): Who Needs the Bar?: Professional Responsibility Without Monopoly

March 1, 2002Genes and Disability: Defining Health and the Goals of Medicine
The conference will explore ethical, philosophical, and legal questions that arise at the intersection of genes and disability. Symposium (to be published in Florida State University Law Review)

January 14, 2002"Forum on Pain Policy: Balancing Patient Care and Drug Abuse Prevention."
Presented by The Florida Partnership for End-of-Life Care.

October 18, 2001What Lawmakers Can Learn from Large-Scale Ecology
Fred Bosselman, Chicago-Kent College of Law—Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law Distinguished Lecturer.

October 3, 2001Affirmative Action: Mend It or End It
Christopher Edley, Harvard Law School—Ed Love Visiting Professor Lecturer.

September 25, 2001Origins and Problems of Czech Republic Accession to the EC
Vaclav Mezricky & Eva Kruzikova, Charles University—International Law Society Lecturers.


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