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Bioethics Symposium

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Bioethics Symposium Webcast

Webcasts are available for each of the four panels. To view the webcast you must have RealPlayer installed. If you do not have it, you can download it from Real Networks for free. (Look for the "Free RealOne Player" link in small blue type in the center of the page).

Dean Donald J. Weidner
Professor Mary Crossley
Professor Lois Shepherd

Viewing Genetic "Improvement" Efforts through an Historical Lens
Paul A. Lombardo, Larry I. Palmer
Mary Briody Mahowald, Michael J. Malinowski

Disability Law and Tort Law Implications for Prenatal Genetic Testing
Adrienne Asch, Jeffrey R. Botkin
Janet Dolgin and David Wasserman

Address by Barbara Katz Rothman

Genetic Neutrality in Government Policy and Regulation
Martha A. Field, John V. Jacobi
Suzanne Holland and Paul Steven Miller


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