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Symposium Webcast

Webcasts are available for each of the four panels. To view the webcast you must have RealPlayer installed. If you do not have it, you can download it from Real Networks for free.

Friday, March 23, 2001

Panel 1: State Election Law and Presidential Selection

View Prof. Hasen's accompanying Powerpoint presentation.

Moderator: Nat Stern (Florida State University)

Richard Briffault (Columbia): Equal Protection and Federalism in Bush v Gore
Richard Hasen (Loyola of Los Angeles): Bush v. Gore and the Future of Equal Protection Law in Elections

    Steve Bickerstaff (Texas)
    Heather Gerken (Harvard)
    Spencer Overton (UC Davis)

Panel 2: What's Left of Federalism in Presidential Elections?

Moderator: Mark Seidenfeld (Florida State University)

Harold Krent (Chicago-Kent): Judging Judging: The Problem of Secondguessing State Courts' Interpretation of State Law in Bush v. Gore
Peter Shane (Pittsburgh): Missing Elements of the Fourteenth Amendment in Bush v. Gore: Procedural Due Process and the Federal Right to Vote for Presidential Electors

    Pamela Karlan (Stanford)
    Robert Pushaw (Missouri-Columbia)
    Charles Tiefer (Baltimore)

Panel 3: What Remains of State Constitutions?

Moderator: Jim Rossi (Florida State University)

James Gardner (Western New England): The Regulatory Role of State Constitutional Structural Constraints in Presidential Elections
Robert Schapiro (Emory): Bush v. Gore and the Threat to State Constitutional Law

    William Marshall (North Carolina)
    Richard Pildes (NYU)
    Thomas Warner (Solicitor General, State of Florida)

Panel 4: The U.S. Constitution and the Electoral College

Moderator: Steven Gey (Florida State University)

Luis Fuentes-Rohwer (Georgetown) & Guy-Uriel Charles (Minnesota): Should We Rethink the Electoral College?
Sanford Levinson & Ernest Young (Texas): Who's Afraid of the Twelfth Amendment? Commentators:
    Elizabeth Garrett (Chicago)
    John O. McGinnis (Cardozo)


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