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Faculty Publications

Our faculty members share a deep commitment to the value of scholarship in enhancing the quality of legal education as well as debates within the legal profession. Faculty members value excellence in doctrinal analysis but also approach law as a learned profession, drawing regularly on cognate fields, such as economics, history, philosophy and psychology, to inform their methods of inquiry. Their scholarship, published in the form of treatises, books and academic journal articles, is richly textured. Several have authored leading casebooks or treatises, and many faculty members have written influential scholarly articles, raising the level of debate about doctrinal and theoretical issues in the law. Many faculty members are also active in law reform projects and national and international professional organizations. The faculty hosts active colloquia and working papers series.

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Frederick M. Abbott | Wendi Adelson | Kelli A. Alces | Paolo Annino | Rob E. Atkinson, Jr.

Shawn J. Bayern | Courtney Cahill | Donna R. Christie | Talbot "Sandy" D'Alemberte | Joseph Dodge

Charles Ehrhardt | Sally C. Gertz | Elwin J. Griffith | Shi-Ling Hsu | Steve Johnson | Faye Jones

Jeffrey H. Kahn | Marshall Kapp | Jay Kesten | Lawrence S. Krieger | David E. Landau | Tahirih V. Lee |

Jake Linford | Wayne A. Logan | Bruce Markell | David L. Markell | Murat Mungan

Garrick Pursely | Mark B. Seidenfeld | Mark Spottswood | Nat S. Stern | Ruth E. Stone

Fernando Tesón | Franita Tolson | Manuel A. Utset, Jr. | Donald J. Weidner | Allen Winsor

Hannah Wiseman | Samuel Wiseman | John Yetter | Mary Ziegler