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Faculty Enrichment

Florida State Law hosts a public lecture and faculty workshop series that allows faculty from inside and outside the school and interdisciplinary scholars to discuss works in progress that are relevant to law as a learned profession.

In addition to engaging faculty at the highest levels, speakers frequently interact with students, including making presentations to classes in the environmental and international certificate programs.

Fall 2014

Thursday, September 18 – Jeffrey John Rachlinski (Cornell University Law School)

Thursday, October 2 – David Weisbach (University of Chicago Law School)

Wednesday, October 8 – David Adelman (University of Texas at Austin School of Law)

Wednesday, October 29 – Robert Cooter (Berkeley Law)

Wednesday, November 19 – Hari Osofsky (University of Minnesota Law School)

Friday, November 21 – Ben Spencer (University of Virginia School of Law)


Spring 2015

Monday, January 26 – Cristina Rodriguez (Yale Law School)

Thursday, January 29 – Mark McKenna (University of Notre Dame Law School)

Wednesday, February 11 – Dave Owen (University of Maine School of Law)

Thursday, February 26 – Katrina Wyman (New York University School of Law)

Wednesday, April 8 – Katrina Kuh (Hofstra Law)

Monday, May 4 - Doug Harris (University of British Columbia Faculty of Law)


If you are interested in attending an event, contact Franita Tolson. Lectures and symposia (designated with an asterisk (*)) are law school wide events.