Faculty Enrichment Speakers 2002


Thursday, May 30 —Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Professor Steve Bank, "The Divergence of the Corporate and Individual Income Taxes"

Wednesday, June 5—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Visiting Professor William Ross (Professor Samford University, Cumberland School of Law), "Reasons for the Failure of Court-Curbing Movements, 1801-present"

Tuesday, June 11 —Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Visiting Professor Howard Wasserman, "Compelled Expression and the Public Forum Doctrine"

Thursday, June 20 —Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Visiting Professor Armondo Irizarry, "Harmonizing the Doctrine of Equivalents and Prosecution History Estoppel in Patent Cases"

Thursday, June 27 —Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Professor J.B. Ruhl, "The Red Queen, Mozart, and the Administrative State"

Tuesday, July 9 —Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Adjunct Professor Fred Dudley (Of Counsel, Akerman Senterfitt & Eidson, PA), "To Reform or Not: The Future of Legal Education"

Wednesday, July 17 —Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Visiting Assistant Peter Oh, "Distinguishing Concepts and Conceptions in Legal Discourse"


January 10 (Thurs.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, R-103)

Larry Garvin, FSU College of Law: Two Cheers for the New Business Rule

January 18 (Fri.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, R-103)

D. Gordon Smith, Lewis & Clark (visiting at Vanderbilt): The "Critical Resource" Theory of Fiduciary Duty

January 24 (Thurs.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, R-103)

Thomas Cotter, Florida: Gutenberg's Legacy: Copyright, Censorship, and Religious Pluralism

February 1 (Fri.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, R-103)

George Fletcher, Columbia: War and the Constitution

February 6 (Wed.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, R-103)

Steven Gey, FSU College of Law: The Myth of State Sovereignty

February 15 (Fri.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, R-103)

Marcus Cole, Stanford (visiting at Northwestern): "Delaware is Not a State": An Empirical Analysis of Jurisdictional Competition in Bankruptcy

February 22 (Fri.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, R-103)

Linda McClain, Hofstra: "Unleashing" or Harnessing "Armies of Compassion"?: Some Questions About the Place of Faith-Based Organizations in Building the "Civic Capital Economy"

February 26 (Tues.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, R-103)

Matt Schaefer, Nebraska (visiting at FSU): Conscientious State Legislators and the Cultures of Compliance and Liberalization Relating to International Trade Agreements

*March 1 (Fri.) -- Florida State University Law Review Symposium (Room BKR 103, times TBA)

Genes and Disability: Defining Health and the Goals of Medicine

The conference will explore ethical, philosophical, and legal questions that arise at the intersection of genes and disability.

(Faculty Symposium Coordinators: Mary Crossley & Lois Shepherd)

March 5 (Tues.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, Rotunda)

Lisa Bressman, Vanderbilt: Disciplining Delegation After American Trucking Associations

March 7 (Thurs.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, Rotunda)

Krista Schefer, University of Bern: Trade Sanctions for Human Rights

*March 19 (Tues.) -- 2002 Mason Ladd Lecture -- 3:30 p.m., Room 101 BK Roberts Hall (reception to follow lecture in the D'Alemberte Rotunda)

William Simon, Stanford (visiting at Columbia): Who Needs the Bar?: Professional Responsibility Without Monopoly

March 20 (Wed.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, Rotunda)

William Simon, Stanford (visiting at Columbia): Whom (or What) Does the Organization's Lawyer Represent?: An Anatomy of Intra-Client Conflict

March 29 (Fri.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, R-103)

John Dzienkowski, Texas (visiting at Florida): The Decline in Lawyer Independence: Trading Legal Services for Equity Interests in Clients

April 4 (Thurs.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, R-103)

Peter Oh, FSU College of Law: A Jurisdictional Approach to Collapsing Corporate Distinctions

April 12 (Fri.) -- Faculty Workshop (noon, R-103)

Jim Chen, Minnesota: Conduit-Based Regulation of Speech

April 19-20 (Fri.-Sat.) Society for Evolutionary Analysis in Law Annual Conference (rescheduled from September 2001)

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Steven Pinker (MIT Department of Cognitive and Brain Sciences), author of the popular science books The Language Instinct (Harper Collins 1995) and How the Mind Works (W.W. Norton 1997).