Faculty Enrichment Speakers 2004-2005


Wednesday, May 11 — Amitai Aviram, FSU. Topic: The Placebo Effect of Law

Wednesday, May 18 — Jonathan Klick, FSU. Topic: FSU Diabetes Treatments and Moral Hazard

Wednesday, May 25 — Curtis Bridgeman, FSU. Topic: New Formalism and Trade Usages in Contract Interpretation

Wednesday, June 1 — Thomas Nadelhoffer, FSU (PH.D. candidate in Philosophy). Topic: Bad Acts, Blameworthy Agents, and Intentional Actions: Some Problems for Jury Impartiality (forthcoming in Philosophical Exploration)

Monday, June 6 — Cathy Jordan, University of Florida. Topic: The Conundrum of Corporate Governance

Monday, June 13: — JJ Prescott, MIT Department of Economics. Topic: Measuring the Consequences of Jury Trial Protections


Friday, January 14 — Robert Cooter, University of California-Berkeley. Topic: Adapt or Optimize the Law? Psychology and Economics in the Legal Process

Tuesday, January 25 — Horacio Spector, Torcuato Di Tella University, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Topic: "Philosophical Foundations of Labor Law" — Simon Lecturer

Thursday, January 27 — Seanna Shiffrin, UCLA. Topic: "What's Wrong with Compelled Associations?" — Simon Lecturer

Thursday, February 3 — Gregory Keating, University of Southern California, Topic: Abusing "Duty"

Thursday, February 10 — Eric Helland, Claremont-McKenna (economics). Topic: Reputational Penalties and the Merits of Class Action Securities Litigation

Thursday, February 17 — The Honorable Bruce Selya, U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (Jurist-in-Residence during week of Feb. 14). Topic: "Quo Vadis? Federal Criminal Sentencing after Booker and Fanfan"

Thursday, February 24 — Lawrence Solum, University of San Diego School of Law. Topic: Virture Jurisprudence: An Aretaic Theory of Law

Thursday, March 3 — Nancy Staudt, Washington University-St. Louis. Topic: TBA

Monday, March 14 — Claire Finkelstein, University of Pennsylvania. Topic: TBA

Thursday, March 17 — Philip Alston, New York University School of Law. Topic: Judicial and Extrajudicial Executions: What the UN can and can't do to stop them

Thursday, March 24 — Jody Kraus, University of Virginia. Topic: TBA

Fri.-Sat., March 25-26 — Featuring keynote by Eric Maskin, Princeton. Topic: Symposium on Default Rules in Private and Public Law

Thursday, March 31 — William Marshall, University of North Carolina School of Law. Topic: Presidential Transitions

Monday, April 4 — Rob Fischman, University of Indiana-Bloomington. Topic: TBA

Friday, April 8 — Cynthia Ward, William & Mary. Topic: Punishing Children in the Criminal Law

Thursday, April 14 — Lars Trägårdh. Columbia University. Topic: The Juridification of Politics in the United States and Europe: Historica Roots, Contemporary Debates and Future Prospects

FALL 2004

Wednesday, August 25—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Fernando Tesón, Florida State University College of Law. Topic: "Discourse Failure: A Philosophical Essay on Deliberation, Democracy and Consent."

Monday, August 30—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Christopher Slobogin, University of Florida — Levin College of Law. Topic: "Transaction Surveillance by the Government."

Friday, September 3—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Darryll Jones, University of Pittsburgh. Topic: "Partnership Mergers and Mixing Bowls."

Thursday, September 9—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
David Brennen, Mercer University School of Law. Topic: "A Rationale for the Charitable Tax Exemption."

Friday, September 17—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Jonathan Klick, Florida State University. Topic: "Court Congestion as an Explanation for Rising Attorney Fees," and "DataWatch Column."

Thursday, September 23—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Edward McCaffery, University of Southern California. Topic: "Shakedown at Gucci Gulch: A Tale of Death, Money & Taxes."

Thursday, September 30—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Deborah Schenk, New York University School of Law. Topic: "Optimal Deterrence and Corporate Tax Shelters."

Thursday, October 7—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Bill Buzbee, Emory University School of Law. Topic: "Westway and the Challenges of Regulatory Fragmentation."

Thursday, October 14—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Benjamin Zipursky, Fordham University Law School. Topic: "BMW v. Gore: In praise of a New Chestnut."

Tuesday, October 19—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Jonathan Adler, Case Western Reserve University. Topic: "Wetland Federalism."

Thursday, October 28—Faculty Workshop, 12:00 noon Room R-103
Robin Craig, University of Indiana-Indianapolis. Topic: "The Stevens-Scalia Principle: Statutory Conversations and the Strict Plain Meaning Approach."

Friday, October 29Daniel Markovits, Yale Law School: The Morals and Politics of Adversary Lawyers

Thursday, November 4Kathyrn Zeiler, Georgetown University Law Center. Topic: "Common Law Disclosure Duties and the Sin of Omission: Testing the Meta-theories."

Wednesday, November 10Dan Tarlock, Chicago-Kent College of Law (visiting at Florida State University) Topic: "The Story of the Calvert Cliffs Case."

Thursday, November 18J.B. Ruhl, Florida State University College of Law. Topic: "The Law and Policy of Ecosystem Services."

Tuesday, November 23David Driesen, Syracuse University. Topic: "Cost-Benefit Analysis as a Neutral Principle."

Wednesday, December 1Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovich, Florida State University School of Criminology. Topic: "A Comparative Perspective on the Police Code of Silence."