Faculty Enrichment Speakers 2005-2006



Thursday, May 11Jeffrey Staton, Florida State University Political Science Department. Topic: Substitutable Protections: Socioeconomic Vulnerabilities and Credible Commitment Devices

Thursday, May 18 Jonathan Klick, Florida State University College of Law. Topic: Incomplete Contracts and Opportunism in Franchising Agreements: The Role of Termination Clauses

Thursday, May 25 – Jim Rossi, Florida State University College of Law. Topic: Reasons and Vertical Judicial Deference in Antitrust Law

Thursday, June 1 – Benjamin J. Priester, Florida State University College of Law. Topic: Sentencing “Similarly Situated” Offenders: Dealing with the Irreconcilable

Thursday, June 8 – Lesley Wexler, Florida State University College of Law. Topic: Allowing Girls to Hold Up Half the Sky: Combing Norm Shifting and Economic Incentives to Combat Daughter Discrimination in China

Tuesday, June 15 – Erik Knutsen, Queen's University/FSU College of Law (visiting professor). Topic: A Principled Approach to Concurrent Causation in Insurance Cases

Thursday, June 22 – Dan Markel, Florida State University College of Law. Topic: Luck or Law? The Constitutional Argument Against Indeterminate Sentencing Schemes

Thursday, June 29 – Lorelei Ritchie de Larena, Florida State University College of Law. Topic: The Price of Progress: Are Universities Adding to the Cost?


Friday, January 13 - Elizabeth Magill, University of Virginia School of Law. Topic: Agency Self-Regulation

Thursday, January 19 - Nancy Staudt, Washington University School of Law Topic: Auditing the Court: Congressional Oversight of Supreme Court Decision-Making

Thursday, January 23 - Douglas Baird, University of Chicago Law School, University of Virginia School of Law. Topic: Private Debt and the Missing Lever of Corporate Governance

Thursday, January 26 - Charlene Luke, Florida State University College of Law. Topic: A Proposal for the (Non?) Taxation of Risk-Based Returns Inside Variable Insurance Products

Thursday, February 2 - Suzanna Sherry, Vanderbilt University Law School. Topic: The Heavens or the Abyss: Judicial Review and its Discontent

Tuesday, February 7 - Linda Malone, William & Mary, Marshall -Wythe School of Law (Lillich Lecture)

Thursday, February 9 - Bethany Berger, Wayne State University Law School

Thursday, February 16 - Elizabeth Trujillo, Detroit-Mercy (visiting at FSU). Topic: Like of Unlike?  Resolving WTO Challenges to Domestic Regulation

Thursday, February 23 - Tracy Higgins, Fordham University. Topic: Regulatory Feminism

Thursday, March 2 - Jill Fisch, Fordham University School of Law. Topic: The Bad Man Goes To Washington : The Effect of Political Influence on Corporate Duty

Thursday, March 16 - Robert Weisberg, Stanford Law School. Topic: Defining Corruption Through White Collar Crime

Monday, March 20 - Douglas Kysar, Cornell Law School. Topic: It Might Have Been: Risk, Precaution, and Opportunity Cost

Friday, March 24 - Roberto Romano, Yale Law School. Topic: The States as Laboratory:  Legal Innovation and State Competition for Corporate Charters

Thursday, March 30 - John Donohue, Yale Law School. Topic: Uses and Abuses of Empirical Evidence in the Death Penalty Debate

Thursday, April 6 - Darryl Brown, Washington & Lee University

Friday-Saturday, April 7-8 - Symposium, The Law and Policy of Ecosystem Management

Tuesday, April 11 - Ronald Wright, Wake Forest University School of Law

Thursday, April 13 -Barbara Fried, Stanford Law School. Topic: Contractarianism as the Site of Justice

FALL 2005

Thursday, August 25 - J.B. Ruhl, Florida State University College of Law. Topic: Science, Policy, and Regulatory Peer Review

Thursday, September 1 - Anupam Chander, University of California, Davis School of Law. Topic: NetWork: The Law and Economics of Trade in Services

Thursday, September 8 - Brian Leiter, Joseph D. Jamail Centennial Chair in Law, Professor of Philosophy, and Director of the Law & Philosophy Program, University of Texas School of Law. Topic: Why Evolutionary Biology is (so far) Irrelevant to Law

Tuesday, September 13 - James Salzman, Duke Law School. Topic: Thirst: The History and Policy of Drinking Water

Thursday, September 22 - Anthony Sebok, Brooklyn Law School. Topic: Punitive Damages: From Myth to Theory

Monday, September 26 - Michael Vandenbergh, Vanderbilt University Law School. Topic: Private Life of Public Law

Thursday, September 29 - Claire Finkelstein, University of Pennsylvania School of Law. Topic: A Philosophical Argument Against the Death Penalty

Monday, October 3 - Christopher Peterson, University of Florida - Levin College of Law. Topic: Predatory Lending and the Military: The Law and Geography of "Payday" Loans in Military Towns

Monday, October 10 - Nancy McLaughlin, University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law. Topic: Responding to Changed Conditions in the Conservation Easement Context

Thursday, October 13 - Catherine Sharkey, Columbia Law School.

Thursday, October 27 - Thomas Main, McGeorge School of Law. Topic: Judicial Discretion to Condition

Thursday, November 3 - Paul Rubin, Emory University School of Law.

Monday, November 7 - Alexandra Klass, William Mitchell College of Law. Topic: Rediscovering the Common Law in the Age of the Federal Regulatory State

Thursday, November 10- Rebecca Brown, Vanderbilt University Law School. Topic: The Art of Reading Lochner

Thursday, November 29 - Tom Tyler, New York University